nice to meet you.
My name is Ihara of "Legarovintage Watch", which runs a vintage watch specialty store in a seaside town called Hama, a niece in Fukuoka.

We will introduce our simple self -introduction to everyone who uses our shop.

Masahiro Ihara
Masahiro Ihara

When asked about the clock, the story does not stop, so customers can be called "watch doctor".

Originally, it is quite stiff, so if you are addicted to what you like, such as fashion, music, movies, and bicycles, you will be immersed.

What I felt attractive to the watch was because it was a small art that I could wear as part of fashion.
In particular, the vintage watch we handle is still fading over the times.
Based on the experience of actually using a number of watches, we hope that we can propose a clock that suits each customer.

Chisato Ihara

“I want to convey the fun of vintage watches to women”

I started a shop with a couple with such thoughts.

Many customers in our shop have a clock for the first time.
"Vintage watches" may seem like a high threshold, but we value the feeling of "I want to buy from such a store", and if you have any problems, you can easily consult with customers who can easily consult. We are aiming for a vintage watch specialty store.
We hope that more people will feel the charm of the vintage watch.


So far in Regalovintage Watch

Vintage watch that two people like

Originally, Masahiro worked for vintage watch specialties in Tokyo and watches dealing with current watches, and sold and repaired for about 10 years.

Senri studied the know -how of sales and store management as a shop manager at a department store in Tokyo. They meet and get married, and they start to realize each other's dreams, "having their own shops." The products we handle are their favorite vintage watches.
At that time, the vintage watch specialty store in Tokyo had a high threshold for us and decided to open a vintage watch specialty store that women and beginners can enjoy.

When opening the store, I was considering the area around Kanto, but at that time I decided to give a child and open a U -turn to Hiroshima, the two local people.

Opened the vintage watch specialty in Hiroshima City.
2015.12.3 -

In the memories of sending a clock at the milestone of life, I named the store name "Regalo Ooroggio" from "Regalo = Gifts" and "Orologio = Clock" in Italian.

In Hiroshima, it was a rare vintage watch specialty store, so many customers came to the store from the time of opening.
With the desire to have as many people as possible enjoy vintage watches, we have realized the “easy -to -buy price range” by reducing expenses such as the interior expenses and labor costs of the store as much as possible.
This feeling is also important in the current Regalovintage watch.

Supported by many customers, in 2018, the fourth year of opening, we decided to "relocate to Fukuoka" as a new challenge to ask their true value.
The store name was changed to "REGALO VINTAGE WATCH", and the location was opened in the beach of niece, a seaside town in Fukuoka Prefecture.

"REGALO VINTAGE WATCH" is opened on the beach of niece, Fukuoka Prefecture.
2019.3.4 -

In addition to over -the -counter sales, we have started mail -order sales that have been requested by customers.

Vintage watches have a lot of tasks in starting mail -order, such as whether it can be conveyed well in photos or communicating well with customers, but changing the homepage to something easier to understand. So you can order not only in Japan but also from all over the world.

From the customers who supported me in Hiroshima, from Fukuoka to the world, I would be glad to be able to convey the fun and fun of the watch more than ever. I want to be a store.


Commitment to products

We carefully operate the desire to buy from such a store.

For example, the state of the clock. The aging unique to the vintage is another pleasure, but we purchase and sell as much as possible.
After purchasing, you can overhaul the machine, replace the exterior parts, and finish the operation, and make a final check of the operation and line up in the store.
In this process, you can search for something in good condition from the phase of the purchase, replace it with genuine parts when overhaul, and use genuine parts that match the year when replacing the exterior parts. We repair with a commitment to not.
Our policy is to sell a good vintage watch in a good condition as much as possible.

Support after selling a watch is also important.
We are responsibly repairing all the products we sold.
Regular overhaul is performed at a special price for watches sold in our shop, and work such as natural failure, magnetism, battery replacement, etc. are performed free of charge.
We would like to lose as much anxiety as possible using vintage watches.

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