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Sales company
Company name:  GIORNO LLC.
Representative employee: Chisato Ihara
Secondary merchant license: Fukuoka Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 901081810005
Registered claimant issuing business registration number T9240003003439

Takagi Building 202, 4-22-5 Meinohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Order / inquiry
TEL / FAX: 092-834-7474
Email address: info@regalo-watch.com
Homepage: http: //www.regalo-watch.com
Inquiry time
11:00 am to 5:00 pm regular holiday, every Thursday, Sunday (including holidays), other irregular holidays
Selling price
Set for each product
Sales volume Products will be limited to stock.
If the order you ordered is out of stock, we will contact you separately by phone or email.
Expenses to be borne by the product price
About the shipment of the product
Delivery charge

If you pay by bank transfer, bank transfer fee

The courier is basically Sagawa Express

Due to the delivery and delivery date, it may be Sagawa Express flight.

If the delivery date and arrival time are specified, we will specify the delivery date and the arrival time.

Cash on delivery fee Cash on delivery fee
Cash on delivery fee changes depending on the purchase price.
How to pay the price
Delivery time

Payment method at the store

  • cash
  • Credit card (VISA, Master, AMEX, Diners, JCB)
    The number of credit card payments can be paid once, installment, revolving payment, and one bonus payment can be used.
    When using, please check the card company in advance about the usage limit, the number of payments, etc.
  • The delivery of the product will be after payment is completed.

Bank transfer (previous deposit), cash on delivery

  • After the bank transfer, after confirming the payment, we will ship stock items within 1 to 5 days.
    At the time of cash on delivery, as in bank transfer, we will ship it within 1 to 5 days only in stock products.
    Especially if there is a specification on the delivery date, we will deliver it by specifying the delivery date.
  • If you are absent at the time of product delivery, please be sure to receive the product within the number of days of the delivery company's absent slip.
  • If your ordered product is out of stock, we will contact you by phone or email.

About returned goods / defective products

Return deadline / condition
We cannot accept "return / exchange" for the customer's convenience delivered.
Returning postage
In the case of damage, defective, or misdelivery during shipping, the shipping cost at the time of return will be borne.
Please contact us within 2 days from the date of arrival.
About returned goods
Obviously, products that are different from the product description will be compatible with returns and exchanges.However, if there is a problem with the product, all will be repaired.Returns and exchanges due to customer reasons cannot be accepted in principle.
About cooling off
Our cooling -off is different from the cooling -off system in door -to -door sales.We will ship within the next 3 business days except Sundays and holidays.


Information security basic policy

GIORNO (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is based on the following policies based on the following policies to protect our/information assets from the threats of accidents, disasters, and crimes, which we have taken from customers. Work on security.

1. Responsibility of management

We will strive to improve and continue to improve and improve information security led by management.

2. Development of in -house system

The Company will set up an organization to maintain and improve information security, and define information security measures as an in -house rule.

3. Employee efforts

Our employees acquire the knowledge and skills required for information security and ensure information security efforts.

4. Compliance with laws and regulations and contract requirements

We will comply with the laws, regulations, norms, and contract obligations related to information security and meet the expectations of our customers.

5. Response to violations and accidents

The Company will appropriately deal with violations of laws and regulations, violations of contracts, and accidents related to information security and strive to prevent recurrence.

Date of Date: September 1, 2022


Representative employee Chisato Ihara