[Odaiba, Tokyo] Repair reception

[Odaiba, Tokyo] Repair reception

Please enter the watch you would like to have repaired on the reservation screen.
・Model Name
・Purchased store name
・Details of the repair you requested
(Overhaul, Battery Replacement, etc.)

Unauthorized cancellation of reservations is strictly prohibited.

We can speak English a little.
If you need an interpreter, please let us know in advance.

< Precautions >

・Please refrain from visiting the SOHO on short notice as it is "off limits" except for those concerned.

・Entry into the SOHO is "reserved only."
Please let us know if you have a companion.
(If you do not let us know, we will not allow you to enter.)

・Please note that taking pictures inside the facility is prohibited.

・Please use the nearby "Coin Parking" when you come by car.