[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial
[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial

Belt: SEIKO genuine crocodile strap (exhibit)

[SEIKO] Grand Seiko 1st print dial

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[Publication number GS-5]

Grand Seiko can be said to be the pinnacle of domestically produced watches that attract attention all over the world.
An ultra-rare printed dial that was sold at the beginning of production of that memorable first model.
A piece of historical value that will not be seen in later years is a masterpiece that remains in the history of Japanese watches.

This watch has been overhauled at our store.

A genuine SEIKO crocodile strap (exhibit item) is included.

Bezel diameter 35mm Height 42mm Width 37mm (including crown)
(Wearing model: Male wrist circumference 16.5cm)

*The belt can be changed for free, but the original strap is not included.
If you purchase the belt separately, the genuine strap will be included.

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Model GrandSeiko 1st Print dial
Product number J14070GS
Year of manufacture April 1960
machine Manual winding (Cal.3180)
Country of manufacture Japan
Waterproof non-waterproof
Case diameter 35mm
Material K14 Yellow Gold Field (14K gold plated)
Windshield material plastic
Bbelt width 18mm
Buckle width 15mm


Case The entire case has slight scratches and discoloration due to age.
Dial The entire dial has discoloration due to age.
Windshield There are slight scratches due to age.
Needle There is no noticeable discoloration.
Crown The genuine crown has some fading of the plating, but there is no wear and it operates well.
machine We are doing an overhaul at our store.
Buckle Comes with our original pouch and warranty card issued by our store.
buckle Replica SEIKO buckle
belt SEIKO genuine crocodile strap (exhibit)



It features a unique alligator round mark pattern, and the couchik rubber on the back makes it resistant to water and sweat.

・ About overhaul

In our shop, we overhaul all watches to sell, regardless of mechanical and battery type.
If you need to replace the parts during the Overhole, we use the original parts as much as possible.

・ About the product that has been completed in Cartier

In our shop, we repair some of the products of Cartier, and we repair them with the desire to sell as good as possible.
The clock that says "Complete service has been completed in Cartier" on the product page is replaced with a new machine by the manufacturer.
You can receive a repair guarantee for natural failure in Carteboutic for 24 months from the date described in the repair statement.
Other exterior parts may be replaced with a new one, so please see the product details page.

・ About new finish and re -plating

In our shop, we want to deliver it to the customer in a beautiful state as beautifully as possible, so we will re -pl in clock case and bracelet and re -plate a new one to make small scratches less noticeable, and Cartier's mast series. There is a product there.
The corresponding product is described in the details column as "New finished" or "re -plated (coated)".

The purchase clock has a warranty for one year from the date of purchase. Even after the warranty period, please use it with confidence as it will be repaired regardless of inside the warranty.
* Cartier's Complete Service watches will receive a Cartier warranty for two years from the date of the repair statement.

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