Commitment to products

Stocking of Vintage Watches

Regalo vintage watch stock and sell watches that are only in great condition. Since we deal with watches that have been manufactured for more than 30 years, we check the small to large parts before performing maintenance. 

Inspection Before Selling

Watches will be lined up after careful overhaul and final adjustment of outer parts. Overhauling all watches, provides safe use of watches. Selling vintage watches in good condition is one of our policies. 

Products Already Done a “Complete Service” in Cartier

Some Cartier products, “Complete Service” is done at Cariter, referring to overhaul. Some products’ parts such as dial, hands, and crown might be replaced with new parts. These watches are warranted from natural breakdown for a period of 2 years from the date written on the Certificate of Repair at a Cartier boutique.

Warranty After Selling

Watches are warranted from spontaneous failure for 1 year from buying. We will repair any unacceptable time deviations or stoppages that occur during normal use for free. (The customer is responsible for round-trip shipping costs for repair by delivery.) Free battery replacement, repair of magnetic strips, and case cleaning for watches purchased at our store are also repairable with no charge permanently. 

*In the case of flixsion of parts is the reason for breakdown, the customer is responsible only for the cost of the parts, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of the warranty.

*The decision on whether a product is in or out of warranty will be made by our staff.

Maintenance After Selling

The point to be careful the most in purchasing watches, is maintenance after buying.  We offer a special price for overhauls of your purchased watches to be able to enjoy your watch for many years. We also accept repairs with delivery from far places. 

Please check links below to learn more about maintenance after purchasing.