[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG
[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG

Belt: Havre/Dark Brown

[Audemars Piguet] Round model 18KYG

Regular price¥550,000
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[Published number AP-2]

Audema Pige, founded in 1875, one of the world's three major watch brands.
Watches that use elegant designs and luxurious materials are watches that can be said to be status symbols.
The thin two -handed two -needle Cal.2080, which boasts high accuracy, is one of the leading movements.

We are overhauling our shop.
Audema pigment genuine 18KYG buckle is included.

Bezel diameter 32mm vertical 35mm width 33mm (including crown)
(Wearing model men around the wrist 16.5cm)
(Wearing model female wrist area 15cm)

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Model Round model K18 yellow gold
Product number Laugh
Year of manufacture 1980's
machine Manual winding (Cal.2080)
Country of manufacture Switzerland
Waterproof non-waterproof
Case diameter 32mm
Material 18k yellow gold
Windshield material sapphire crystal
Belt width 18mm
Buckle width 14mm


Case Although it has been lightly polished at our store, there are some dents on the back cover that cannot be removed.
Dial It is in very good condition with no noticeable damage.
Windshield There are no noticeable scratches.
Needle There are no noticeable scratches or discoloration.
Crown There is no wear and it works well.
machine We are doing an overhaul at our store.
Buckle Comes with our store's original box and warranty card issued by our store.
Machine AUDEMARS PIGUET genuine 18K yellow gold buckle is included.
Belt Made by CASSIS (HAVRE/Dark Brown)



A model using skin from the flank of a caiman crocodile. The thin shape, no stitching, and narrowed shape toward the buckle is recommended for antique watches and classic watches.


This model uses Teju Lizard, which is considered to be a particularly high-quality lizard. The backing material is made of waterproof calf, which is resistant to water and scratches and is used in high-end foreign cars. The wide range of sizes, including odd-numbered sizes, is also attractive.

・ About overhaul

In our shop, we overhaul all watches to sell, regardless of mechanical and battery type.
If you need to replace the parts during the Overhole, we use the original parts as much as possible.

・ About the product that has been completed in Cartier

In our shop, we repair some of the products of Cartier, and we repair them with the desire to sell as good as possible.
The clock that says "Complete service has been completed in Cartier" on the product page is replaced with a new machine by the manufacturer.
You can receive a repair guarantee for natural failure in Carteboutic for 24 months from the date described in the repair statement.
Other exterior parts may be replaced with a new one, so please see the product details page.

・ About new finish and re -plating

In our shop, we want to deliver it to the customer in a beautiful state as beautifully as possible, so we will re -pl in clock case and bracelet and re -plate a new one to make small scratches less noticeable, and Cartier's mast series. There is a product there.
The corresponding product is described in the details column as "New finished" or "re -plated (coated)".

The purchase clock has a warranty for one year from the date of purchase. Even after the warranty period, please use it with confidence as it will be repaired regardless of inside the warranty.
* Cartier's Complete Service watches will receive a Cartier warranty for two years from the date of the repair statement.

Q. Is it possible to pay for credit cards or bonus?

At stores, credit card installments and bonus payments are possible.
Online shopping is not available on the cart system. If you wish, we will send you a payment link that can be paid or bonus payment by e -mail, so please contact us separately.

Q. Is it possible to reserve?

If you would like to purchase at the store, you can reserve it from the day before your arrival date.
Reservation formPlease make a reservation.
(It cannot be reserved at the consideration stage)

Basically, you cannot reserve products in online shopping.

In addition, both at the store and online shopping can be reserved for up to one month by keeping the 10%of the product price included as a deposit.
(Please note that the deposit will not be refunded even if the purchase is canceled.)

Q. What is the payment method?

At the store
・ Various credit cards
Can be used.

In online shopping,
・ Various credit cards
・ PayPal
·Bank transfer
・ Cash on delivery (Sagawa Express)
・ JACCS shopping loan
Can be used.

For more informationHere

Q. Can I return or exchange products?

Both over -the -counter sales and online shopping cannot be returned or exchanged for customer reasons or canceled after ordering.

In addition, our mail order is not subject to the cooling -off system at the time of door -to -door sales.

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