LADY GAGA Five Foot Two

LADY GAGA Five Foot Two

Documentary broadcast on Netflix .

Lady Gaga is so famous that there is probably no one who doesn't know about her.

I watched a documentary that aired recently...

It's really bad.

Most people's image of Lady Gaga is probably

"Naked look"

At such a place,

There may be surprisingly few people who have heard all the songs.

"Poker Face" and "Born This Way" are often heard in Japan.

“Edge of Glory” is my personal favorite song.

Actually, the most amazing thing about this person is when he sings ballads.

She sings so well that it brings tears to my eyes every time.

Nowadays, you can watch music and videos from all over the world on YouTube,

You should definitely listen to John Lennon's famous song " Imagine ."

I'm sure there's no one who won't be moved by this.

Of course the song is already good, but

It's a really nice world to be able to hear this singing voice so easily (lol)

In Japan, only the flashy side is broadcast on TV, so

It's hard to imagine that a big star can have a surprisingly "normal" side.

Scenes where they are seriously working on songwriting,

Daily life with family and staff,

Talks with past fiancés, etc.

Even though they are famous, there are some things that are not that different from ordinary people.

That's why documentaries are also interesting.

What impressed me the most about this episode was

I'm going to pull a prank on a girl who is a Lady Gaga fan.

Of course, the person who was set up,

The scene where Lady Gaga is so happy and moved when she sets it up really makes me cry.

But when I watched the whole movie, I thought,

I saw on the news that he broke his hip bone a few years ago.

The sight of him suffering from the aftereffects is unique to a documentary.

He danced and performed so intensely,

It's really amazing that I can sing and continue to be the best artist in the world.

You won't know this until you watch the main story, but it seems really difficult.

He is a big star because he can overcome this and continue to be on the front line.

She's not particularly beautiful,

I don't have a great figure (I think I'm around 150cm tall),

However, he is still one of the artists loved by people all over the world.

It's truly amazing to have someone who can inspire so many people.

I hadn't listened to Lady Gaga's music for a while until I watched this documentary.

After watching this, I wanted to listen to it from the beginning for the first time in a while.

What I probably think after watching it is

The big star I see is only one side of me,

I faced many hardships and worked harder than anyone else,

I think that's why we can be number one in the world.

If you listen to the song with this in mind, you may be even more impressed.