[Odaiba, Tokyo] Business meeting reservation

[Odaiba, Tokyo] Business meeting reservation

<< Please read this carefully >>

・We will have a meeting with you on the assumption that you will purchase it, including the final condition check.

・You can reserve the watch from the day before.
(We sell them in our online store, so if they are sold out by the day before, we will let you know by email.)

・The stock of the item is stored in a different place, so you can only see the reserved item.

・Unauthorized cancellation of your reservation is strictly prohibited.

・ We can speak English a little.
If you need an interpreter, please let us know in advance.

< Usage Notes >

・Please refrain from coming to the SOHO on short notice as it is prohibited to enter except for those concerned.

・Admission to the SOHO is by reservation only.
Please let us know if you have company.
(If you do not contact us, you cannot enter.)

・Please note that photography is prohibited in the facility.

・Please use the nearby "Coin Parking" when you come by car.