After the Shimizu dive...

I've been wearing it since last fall and have become quite familiar with it.
Riders made from Isamu Katayama backlash oleice leather that I've been wearing since last fall and have become very familiar with.
These riders, who come up in conversations with customers who like leather, don't often listen to what I say.
The shoulders are still stiff!
Leather is a really interesting thing, including that aspect.
This time it's about the leather.
Three kinds of sacred treasures for men? I arbitrarily decide that
``Watches'' ``Leather shoes'' ``Leather jackets''
All of them are interesting items,
If you're going to buy something, I want you to be serious about choosing a good one.
However, it is difficult to determine what criteria should be used to define a ``good'' item.
I hope that today's blog will be helpful in that regard.
Needless to say, it's a clock.
No matter how much magazines and media promote it, it's best not to choose based solely on popularity or price.
We want you to choose based on design, ease of maintenance, and size.
If I start writing about that, it will be too long, so please read my past blogs or I will talk about it at the store (lol)
"Leather shoes" have a similar feeling to watches,
If you choose this because it's trendy, you'll be in a lot of trouble.
Brand, quality, and construction may also be important, but
The most important thing to consider is whether it fits your feet.
In my case, my heels are small and my right foot is one size smaller than my left.
After looking around, I came to the conclusion that Japanese-made products would suit me as a Japanese person.
Shoes are interesting because the lasts are completely different depending on the country of manufacture.
The ones made in Japan are the best because the wooden mold fits perfectly and the quality is good for the price (lol)
The ones that definitely don't fit are those made in America.
The heel is too loose and doesn't fit at all. Furthermore, the whole thing is sloppy.
Most of the people who come here proudly saying they bought an Alden are not the right size.
Actually, I used to work as a leather shoe salesperson for a while, so I get concerned when I see people whose shoes don't fit.
Man, shut up, it's made in Japan!
If I continue talking about shoes any further, it won't really end, so I'll leave it at that.
Even this was written quite briefly. picture? Long?
In other words, make sure your shoes are the right size and polished properly.
And I was thoroughly taught about "leather jackets" by my teacher...
I can't remember everything! (lol)
Leather is so deep and interesting.
First of all, what is "Isamu Katayama Backlash"? There are many people who say so.
People who know her know about her, but she is a very unusual presence in the apparel industry.
This brand specializes in leather, and the quality of its products is probably the best in the world.
There are a lot of items with a bit of a strong taste, so your taste may be divided,
There are simple items, and not only the leather but also the fabric products are of high quality.
As far as I know, there is no brand that is so particular about their products and is serious about making them.
And the price is extremely low compared to the quality, which means it has high cost performance.
More on that later.
Tanner is important when understanding leather.
Famous ones include "Italia Guidi" and "America Horween".
Learning about tanners from around the world will make leather more interesting.
What is tanner? Click here if you are interested.
The leather this time is from the tannery "Olice" in Tuscany, Italy.
One of Italy's leading tanners that produces extremely high-quality leather, which is also used in the bags of a certain famous brand.
Today's Italian tanners are like brands,
When it comes to Guidi, who is said to be the highest peak,
The leather jackets here are from fairly famous brands and cost from 700,000 yen. Maybe more?
Backlash's top line, TheLINE, costs about 500,000 yen.
Still, it's a made-to-order product using Guidi's baby calf, and the price is reasonable.
By the way, these riders cost me about 200,000 yen.
If you ask me about the price, it's expensive.
However, if you listen to the story till the end, you won't think it's expensive.
Most brands purchase leather from various tanneries and turn it into a product at a factory.
Leather is very expensive if it is a famous brand with a design tailored to that year.
Isn't this the highest price at any apparel store?
Apparel salespeople often say that when looking at leather, it's something that will last a lifetime, only because it's expensive.
You will never wear the leather that is sold in the world for less than 150,000 yen.
This is because most of the leather used is too soft, such as sheep or goat leather,
Items that have been tanned or dyed with chemicals.
If you take it apart, the cost is really cheap (lol)
Leather that is soft to the touch will tear easily if you pull it,
Pigment-dyed leather loses its color and if you leave it for a long time, the pigment will become sticky, which is not a good thing.
I can't buy leather that blends in as soon as I put it on because I'm afraid of the future (lol)
If you want to buy serious leather, you should probably choose cowhide that has been tanned and dyed with vegetable tannins.
It seems like good quality horse leather is coming out these days.
In the past, there were buffaloes that were light and resistant to water.
Such truly proper leather is produced by first-class tanners.
However, the amazing thing about backlash is that it further processes the already tanned leather (lol)
Furthermore, you can't just go to a store and buy what you want whenever you want; instead, things are basically made to order.
You can get what you want at the order event held twice a year.
At that time, they will "adjust the size to suit you".
how is it? It is not great?
Each piece of leather has a different expression, and the size also varies.
Isn't it great that it can be adjusted to your size?
I hope this has helped you understand that leather is such a profound thing.
It's still a long story as it's only a matter of whether or not it will reach 10% of the total.
Even though it's Saturday, it's too cold outside to write such a long post, and no one is coming to the store (lol)
I have no choice today!
Now let's continue.
Among Backlash's leather products, 30% of the ones that are dyed are torn during the manufacturing process.
It looks like it will eventually be discarded.
It's a very daunting process until it becomes a product that can actually be sold.
However, after going that far and commercializing products, most of them cost around 200,000 yen.
Do you think that is really expensive?
I don't think it's expensive at all, but the story doesn't end there.
If you purchase a product from a Backlash store, they will repair it even if it breaks.
This is quite important.
For example, famous brand products go through distributors when sold domestically.
However, if the agency changes, they will no longer repair the same brand.
I've actually had trouble with this in the past.
When I took a certain brand of leather jacket with me because the zip was broken,
I was refused because the agency was different.
It's quite a good price.
In the end, I had no choice but to ask a local repair shop to fix it, but I was quite shocked.
In the case of a backlash, if you purchased it at a dealer, they will repair it properly.
If you buy it from a private seller, it will not be accepted. ←This is the store I go to.
Since production numbers are small and there aren't many stores that carry them, the stores know who bought them.
Because there is a proper relationship between the store and the customer, it is possible to determine who bought what.
I think they are solid in that respect as well.
Just like watches, it's not an item that should be purchased individually.
You won't know the size unless you try it on properly.
Even if you can buy it cheap, it would be a waste if you can't fix it.
Especially since the leather has its own texture, there are many things that cannot be repaired by a repair shop.
So if you communicate properly with the people at the store, you can get the right information and really good products.
You don't want to throw away your precious money without knowing that, right?
Every man must have admired a leather jacket at least once.
But I don't know where to buy it.
In the first place, I don't even know where to buy really good products.
That's why it's so important to go around and ask people at the store.
I have a strange sense of confidence that I have made more shopping mistakes than anyone else (lol)
I fully understand that frustrating feeling, so I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake.
That's why I will introduce the ones I think are really good to those who consult with me.
For a while, I was seriously worried about Martin Margiela's riders,
I tried it on but couldn't give up even though it didn't fit my shoulders.
I didn't buy it in the end, but at the time I almost crossed a dangerous bridge due to my ignorance.
I'm not saying it's bad, but I'm really glad I talked with the shop staff and got the current bikes after a few years.
Are Margiela riders over 300,000 yen now? I wonder what about?
You can get high-quality items that fit perfectly and are cheaper than ready-made items from maison brands.
If you want something good, there's no reason not to buy it, right?
Today I wrote the longest sentence ever,
It's a secret that he must have had some free time at the store.
From time to time, I will write about items I have dived into in Shimizu.
Please read it if you have time!!