About overhaul

Overhaul referring to the “Disassembly Inspection Cleaning '' is a type of  maintenance process on disassembling the entire movement of the watch, inspecting, cleaning and washing parts, repairing, lubricating, adjusting, and reassembling.

A watch is a collection of valuable parts, the movements of gears, springs, and other parts. Long-term use of a watch can cause deterioration and oxidation of lubricating oil that makes the watch rust and decay.

Leaving problems behind might lead to a lack of precision and cause damage to the parts, leading the watch irrecoverable. To prevent this, an overhaul maintenance will minimise the need for parts replacement and reduce cost in case of a breakdown.

Although there is no recommended overhaul period for battery-powered watches, unlike mechanical watches, they use mechanical oil for the internal parts, and if a watch is used for a long period of time, the oil can get dry and cause malfunctions. We recommend overhauling your watch if it does not work properly after battery replacement or if there is any inaccuracy.

We recommend every 3 to 5 years for mechanical watches, and every 5 to 7 years for quartz watches.

Even if the watch has no issue with the mechanism, deterioration and oxidation of lubricant oil, and corrosion of parts may occur. That is why we recommend periodic overhauls to ensure a long life for your watch.

Delivery terms and cost for overhaul

【Overhaul basic fee】

Mechanical watches (hand-wound and self-winding)

・Omega, Cartier, Japanese watches ¥16,500-

・Rolex and others ¥27,500-

Battery-powered watches (including battery replacement)

・Cartier watches ¥16,500-

※The above prices are for watches purchased at our store.

※Parts replacement will be charged separately.

※The prices include tax.

【Delivery term of overhaul】

We keep watches for approximately 3 weeks, however, if parts need to be arranged, it may be longer. In addition, a price estimate is required, so the delivery can take longer than the usual time. 

Acceptance of overhauls

Overhauls can be performed in-store or by delivery.

If you wish to have your watch overhauled in -store, make a reservation for a visit to our store from the "Reservation Page" on our page.

If you wish to have your watch overhauled by shipping, please contact us using the form below.

When shipping your watch, please pack it securely using cushioning material to prevent damage to the watch. Shipping method should be a shipping service with warranty and tracking. (Yu-pack, Yamato Transport's delivery, etc.)

*Please do not send your watch by Yamato Transport's delivery Compact or Japan Post's Letter Pack.

*The shipping fee will be paid by the customer.

We will inform you of the details by email as soon as we receive the watch. Payment can be done by credit card, bank transfer, or cash on delivery.


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