Case Polishing and Replating

We polish the case of the watch you purchased,
We provide re-plating for the Cartier Must series and other items.

Your request can be made in person or by delivery.

Case polishing (new finish)

We will disassemble the case and bracelet to remove any minor scratches and restore the shine to like new.

We will provide a finish that suits each watch, such as hairline finish or mirror polishing.

[Price for new finish]
・If you do it together with overhaul, it is ¥11,000, delivery time is 1 month ・If you do it only for case polishing, it is ¥5,500, delivery time is 2 weeks

*Prices include tax.


Re-plating is done in the following steps: exterior cleaning → plating removal → case polishing → re-plating.

*We do not provide repairs that only involve re-plating.
Please apply for this together with an overhaul.

[Re-plating price list]
・Cartier Must Series ¥33,000 - Delivery time 2.5 months or more

*Prices include tax.
*Overhaul costs and delivery times will be added.



Repair reception (in-store)

If you wish to receive your order in store, please make a reservation.

Repair reception (delivery)

If you would like to have your product repaired by mail, please contact us using the inquiry form below.
After confirming the repair details provided by the customer, we will reply by email.
Please check your reply email from our store and ship your watch to the address below.

Delivery address for repaired items: 135-0064
Tokyo, Koto-ku, Aomi 2-7-4 the SOHO 622
REGALO vintage watch

[Points to note when shipping]

When shipping your watch, please use cushioning material to pack it in a way that will prevent it from being damaged.
Please use a shipping method with insurance and tracking. (We are not responsible for any accidents such as loss during shipping.)

※Shipping will be borne by the customer.

Repair costs can be paid for by credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery.


*Please state the model name of the watch you wish to have repaired and the details of the repair in the inquiry details section.


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